Designing Tools to Catalyze Change

Chicago Public Schools Office of Equity

Chicago Public Schools established the Office of Equity in 2018, and the Equity team jumped immediately into the ambitious goal of releasing a districtwide framework and accompanying tools for the work. 


The Equity Office tapped Convergence to help with designing the tools and thinking through the experience of those who would implement change ideas in school contexts. 


Convergence conducted design strategy for the Equity publications and surrounding user experience. We were responsible for the graphic design for the CPS Equity Framework, Equity Tools, and corresponding Companion Guide featuring High Impact Change Ideas. Throughout the process, we helped to develop ways to guide users seamlessly through the tools. In 2020, we will produce accompanying multimedia pieces for documentation and storytelling.

Convergence Design Lab listened to me think and came back with design ideas that enhanced our strategic thinking. They  helped make complex concepts for equity easy to understand using design elements that never would have occurred to us.

—Dr. Maurice Swinney, Chief Equity Officer, Chicago Public Schools